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Information on events, places, and people from the past and the present.

Academy of Achievement
Visit the Academy to read about people who have had an impact on history.
(all ages)

The American Civil War Homepage
This resource provides links to a wide-array of materials on the 'Net related to the Civil War.
(middle/high school)

American Journeys
An extensive collection of firsthand accounts of North American expeditions. Primary documents and maps drawn from more than 800 years of exploration from the Vikings to 19th century journeys.
(middle/high school)

American Memory
Library of Congress collections on the 'Net include resources on Lincoln and Washington, the African American experience, and historic maps.
(middle/high school)

Ancient Egypt
Learn all about life in Ancient Egypt.
(all ages)

Anne Frank Online
Read about the life of Anne Frank and the times in which she lived.
(middle/high school)

Art History
This extensive site covers ancient through postmodern art. Read about artists and view their masterpieces. Includes links to museums around the world.
(middle/high school)

Countries and world maps.
(middle/high school)

Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man
Learn about how Benjamin Franklin lived and what he accomplished.
(all ages)

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress
Enter a name, position, or state to locate biographical information of members of Congress, 1774 to the present.

Short biographical sketches of the famous and not-so-famous brought to you by A&E.
(all ages)

The Camelot Project
Everything King Arthur is here. You will find texts, images, bibliographies, and links at the site.
(middle/high school)

Castles on the Web
An extensive resource which connects you to castle tours, castle chat, castle images, castle books, and castle FAQ.
(all ages)

The Constitution of the United States
Read about the members of the Constitutional Convention and the ratification process.
(all ages)

Discoverers Web
An extensive list of links to explorer resources on the Internet.
(all ages)

Distinguished Women of Past & Present
Biographical information on women from B.C. to the 20th century. Bios. are accessible by name or occupation.
(middle/high school)

Elizabethan History
The people and places of the Elizabethan period are covered and a timeline of events and people is included.
(high school)

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
A resource not to be missed if studying any one of the ancient asian or european civilizations.
(high school)

Eyewitness: History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It
Major events in history are retold using excerpts from the writing of those who lived through the time.
(middle/high school)

1492: An Ongoing Voyage
An exhibit from the Library of Congress which explores the impact Columbus' arrival had on the those already living in North America.
(middle/high school)

The History Place
Exhibits on major events in U.S. history and WWII are the focus of this site which includes speeches, photos, links, and text.
(all ages)

History/Social Studies Web Site
This is one of the most comprehensive subject oriented sets of links to history resources on the Internet
(all ages)

The Historynet
Find out what happened on this date in history or access one of the subject specific areas which range from personality profiles to eyewitness accounts to famous battles.
(all ages)

Hyperhistory Online
An interactive timeline. Select a time period on the timeline, read about what happened, and connect to text related to the event, person, or topic. (all ages)

A Journey Towards Freedom
Go to this site to learn about the American Revolution. Read profiles of important people, essays on each battle, tour Valley Forge and Washington's Crossing or play fun interactive games to test your knowledge.
(middle/high school)

Middle Ages
What was life really like in the middle ages? Find out in this interactive exhibit which explores feudal life, religion, and culture of the time period.
(all ages)

Museum of Antiquities
This museum, in the United Kingdom, makes their collections available via the Web. Read about and view artifacts from many ages of the past.
(all ages)

National Museum of Women's History
Includes featured exhibits covering the history of woman's suffrage.
(middle/high school)

Neferchichi's Tomb
A hypertext mummy, links to Egyptian resources on the Web, and Egyptian clip art.

The New York Public Library Picture Collection Online
Browse or search the library's collection of illustrations, photographs, prints and postcards. Includes historic pictures of NY City, period costume, and other images from American history.
(all ages)

New York State
Resources related to New York state government.
(all ages)

The Oregon Trail
Based on the PBS program by the same title, this site tells the story of the Oregon Trail and the people who travelled it.
(all ages)

The Republic of Botswana
Here is the official site of the country where you will find information on government, news, tourism.
(middle/high school)

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
One of the first content sites on the Web still provides useful information on the ancient wonders.

Stamp on Black History
U.S. postage stamps depict many famous Black Americans. Learn about them at this site.

Supreme Court Decisions
If you need to research a Supreme Court decision this is the place to go. You'll find all the texts related to the decision and you can search the site in a multitude of ways.
(middle/high school)

Texts and Documents
Access constitutions and other important documents from countries around the world.
(middle/high school)

Find out what's happening, or did happen, in the United States Congress.
(middle/high school)

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Essays, photos, and exhibits on the holocaust.
(middle/high school)

Vietnam Yesterday and Today
You will find a chronology of the war and bibliographies on Vietnam and the Vietnam war at this site.
(high school)

Welcome to Living Africa
Read about the wildlife, land, and people or take a virtual safari of Africa's National Parks.
(all ages)

What did you Do in the War Grandma?
The stories of women in Rhode Island during WWII.
(all ages)

The Whole World was Watching
The year was 1968 and the world was in transition. At this site you can read about the events and the people of the time.
(middle/high school)

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